"أنشر واكسب "


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1. Share on whatsapp

To unlock this coupon, share with friends, followers or subscribers on whatsapp.

2. Check the counter daily

The "You will need" counter will decrease the more people visit your link (only one visit is recorded per person).

3. Unlock the coupon

Once the "Visitors so far" counter reaches targeted number of visitors, you will see the "Congratulations" message then your coupon will be unlocked. Please claim immediately since the counter may reset after your next visit.

عدد الزوار


أنت تحتاج


العدد المطلوب


استخدم الرابط الموضح بالأسفل لمشاركة اصحابك هذا الأعلان حتى تكسب الخصم

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